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Blind Enigma: message boards' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Blind Enigma: message boards

u s e r i n f o m y  f r i e n d s blind blindenigma_log m e m o r i e s
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[April 11th 2007, 18:36pm]

Malachi walks up to his usual stage-like stairwell protrusion and looks out on the gathered crowd. People watch expectantly, but this time he doesn't have much to say. He simply says, "......Birthday cake?" and steps back down again to head home. Though there is little explanation, he knows the people will understand soon enough.

OoC: Yep, tomorrow is the modly-mod Shirley's 21st birthday! Worship her! *ahem* Okay seriously, everyone will find a small individual sized cake of their preference for flavour outside their doorstep tomorrow. What you do with it is up to you. Oh, there will be occasional peeps in places too, but never in the cake. Enjoy!
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Little Green Men update! [March 29th 2007, 9:01am]

The Green guys have gone (except those who have become potatoes, enjoy the fresh food) but some still have not received their most precious pieces of clothing, yet!

Maybe the proper attire made it to your drawer, maybe they did not! Maybe someone else's did, or yours are on top of phone poles and tree branches. One never knows....
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Little Green Men w/ Panties! (and boxers and briefs) [March 28th 2007, 17:51pm]

There be Little Green Men about! 'nd they seem ta beh gatherin' fer somethang or other. =/ Meh thinks they putting up underwear flags on random poles in marketplace, yo.

Oh~ lookie~! There be lace pink panties at te top of that there flag pole! Meh thinks it says Cassandra? =d

Anyone up fer some fun with Little Men bashing? I'm bored and well... we might as well fight back, ne?
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This message is for Riza Hawkeye... [March 27th 2007, 20:51pm]

Just a quick note, making certain you're doing all right, and all. Find a job yet? Place to live and everything? In light of this development with the chain of break-ins, I was wondering if you had some free time to meet up and discuss security levels. Some pointers in preventing this mess again would be really good about now.

-Ed Elric
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JOBS! GET YER JOBS HERE!!! [March 26th 2007, 18:42pm]
Short Explanation of the Rating System
The higher a rating, the better a job will pay.
A job rating of '1' would mean barely subsistance living.
A job rating of '2' would get you an average place in the poor section and enough to eat.
A job rating of '4' is about average for the middle-class section.
A job rating of '7' means you can probably afford on those wages a decent, but not grand, place in the rich section.
A job rating of '10' means you can afford a huge mansion.

..This system is easier to roleplay than counting dollars.

When applying for a job found here, please fill in this application form and comment in this post. If you are accepted, the owner of the business should respond back to your post. If you are offering a job, we recommend you watch this post to see applicants. Struck jobs are positions that have been filled.

Remember, those without jobs will be given priority over those simply wishing for higher pay. Three days real time will be given to see if there are any other applicants before any

Note: Some of this week's jobs will require further questioning from the NPCs.

Job Offers

Location: The Priest's Talisman Cafe
Position: Waiter
Description: The Priest's Talisman Cafe is looking for someone to serve their customers. Duties would involve till work, waitressing, and tidying. Possibility to receive tips.
Requirements: A neat and tidy person is preferred, familiarity with till and waitressing an asset, but not an absolute requirement.
Openings: 2
Job Rating: 2

Location: The Idiotic Unicorn
Position: Barwench
Description: The Idiotic Unicorn is looking for an attractive female to serve adult beverages to her customers. Duties would involve waitressing and tidying. Possibility to receive tips. or offers of sex
Requirements: Female, a friendly personality, a decent bust size or at least good-looking in skimpy clothing. We... WILL accept a male... if there are no female applicants just be prepared to work hard.
Openings: 2
Job Rating: 2, but can be upped to a 4 if your character actually decides to whore him/herself out. Be wary of the fact that this is still illegal, and you can get in trouble if you get caught.

Location: Magic Shop
Position: Assistant
Description: As part of this job, you will be assisting the owner in tidying and cleaning. Duties will be stocking shelves, cleaning the rooms, and keeping things organized.
Requirements: Respect for the privacy of the owners, good organization and cleaning skills, approval by the Church. (NOTE: For rp purposes, please do contact one of us mods for an RP session before you seriously apply, because you need to get the 'approval' of the church! :D )
Openings: 1
Job Rating: 3

Location: Hospital
Position: Nurse
Description: You will be hired as a nurse of the hospital. Duties will include assisting the doctor during surgery, assisting patients during their stay, and aiding with ward transfers.
Requirements: It is recommended that you have a legitimate degree in Nursing before applying for this position. However, if you are able to show competence in the safety and cleanliness procedures necessary for this position, you will be considered.
Openings: 1
Job Rating: 4

Location: The Idiotic Unicorn
Position: Bouncer
Description: Your job will be to take care of trouble-makers, ensure that excessively drunk individuals are 'taken care of', keep the peace within the bar.
Requirements: Strong body, loyalty to the bar manager. People with weak bodies cannot be accepted for this position.
Openings: 1
Job Rating: 3

Location: Church of Ashbo
Position: Candlemaker
Description: As part of this position, it will be your job to make acceptable candles for the church. All materials will be provided for you, but you must be able to make the candles while causing very little 'waste'. Resources are limited, after all. Housing and food will be provided for you within the church.
Requirements: Knowledge of the making of candles. Loyalty to Ashbo. All candle-makers shall become initiates within the religion, and expected to study the holy book and learn hymns, as well as attending worship.
Openings: 2
Job Rating: 1, but this is above and beyond your housing and food.

Location: Private School
Position: Janitor
Description: You will be a janitor at the school. You will be expected to keep the floors clean, as well as help in the maintaining of student rooms. You will be surrounded by beautiful young rich ladies expected to work hard for your money.
Requirements: Good skills at cleaning, NOT ugly...
Openings: 1
Job Rating: 3

Location: Around the city
Position: Maintenance Man/woman
Description: Your job will be to aid in the maintenance of windmills and power generators throughout the city. You will be expected to work at a height, and beneath the ground on the power collectors beneath the city.
Requirements: Knowledge of repair techniques, good safety techniques, and experience with repairs
Openings: 1
Job Rating: 5

Location: Industries
Position: Chemist
Description: Your job will be to use chemical knowledge to produce some of the chemicals necessary in this environment. You will be expected to recover metals and other resources, and reduce waste.
Requirements: Either a degree, or very clear proof of competence in the art of chemistry.
Openings: 1 Pending Interview
Job Rating: 7

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UPDATE!! [March 23rd 2007, 18:26pm]

For those of you with pending applications, we're working on them! We're down two mods who are like, 40% of our brain power and knowledge of the various fandoms. (Um, more like 50% but who's counting? )

In another note, there will be a activity check next week, meaning the last week of March! So those of you who are lurking, still finding the perfect time to let your character loose on the fine city of Babylon, there's a panty raid scheduled for tomorrow as well as chaos at the Casino!

Those characters who have not been active in the past month will be subject to deletion and put back out in the open for the taking! If you still what your character, you will have to re-apply if your brain-child is deleted. Exceptions to this are those officially on hiatus.

Come on, lurkers, we don't bite! :-) Unless, of course, you're a talking animal, or something. :-P
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[March 21st 2007, 22:08pm]

"Tis a shame my last announcement interrupted was by lady careworn. Thus in continuation we must remember the last. Come the green men have, their emerald top-hats proliferate in the place of lost coin. All women beware: two nights hence plan they a pilfering of precious packaging of the groin. Pretty men and fair women shall lose that which they value most on that precarious night. Following any such pretty men shall be the misfortune of mis-coloured walls and skin. Furthermore, their tale shall be done that night. No more will they haunt our streets, those faithless glimmering top-hats. Their business completed, to the void they will go.

May Ashbo beware their wrath."

((On Saturday there shall be a PANTY-RAID! All female characters and even remotely feminine males can expect to lose some underwear. Any males who are unfortunate enough to lose underwear get graffiti all over their walls as a result of angry leprechauns. Enjoy!))
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Casino Opening! [March 19th 2007, 7:13am]



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[March 18th 2007, 10:04am]

[ mood | awake ]

"The time has come for yet another vision of yonder future. In the morrow, upon the hour of noon, there shalt come many shorter than I, clothed in the vibrant green of their noble ancestors. Upon their brows shall be placed great tophats of pride, upon their belts shall rest bright gold. To the new place of sparkles they shall come, with their insurmountable greed, to feast upon the souls of those entranced by the shining and glimmering lights. They shall..."

At this point, an extremely angry woman holding a frying pan and wearing a patched apron grabs the boy by the arm, slings him up under her arm, and berates him noisily while he struggles silently to get away. Seems the boy was not to be out-of-doors so late. She continues her tirade while taking him back to the poor section of town.

((ooc: Leprechauns are attacking! There will be a log tomorrow for it, and another event coming later before the leprechauns leave. Do enjoy!))

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Genetic Thesis for Genetic Biologist's Job [March 17th 2007, 23:56pm]

The Applications of Genetic Biology in regards to Increasing Crop YieldCollapse )
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